27 March 2021 4:46:37 by Aditya Y Pradhana

My name is Aditya Y Pradhana and I'm a Designer, Software Developer, Writer, Entrepreneur, Maybe sometimes i like to take a good landscape photo based in Kuningan - Indonesia. I guess you are here because you want to know more about me, or just want to search references about how two write introduce yourself. ;-p

When I was in college I had worked on several software development projects such as sales system, company profile website, ecommerce, and others. Afterwards I joined several companies to work on a joint project. Not only software manufacturing company, I also have joined in other companies such as banking companies, court institutions, State-owned enterprises and others.

Now I'm currently work on my own company, serving several permanent and seasonal client, also build a several business like restaurant and other service product besides software development.

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Slogan will added later when i have idea

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