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Deploy Server on UpCloud - World Fastest Cloud

Deploy Server on UpCloud - World Fastest Cloud

Recently i'm interested in tagline "World Fastest Cloud". Yeah maybe, it's UpCloud claim. I'm curious about that so i want try to use its service.

I register new account on UpCloud but its required to use credit card for verification, they will take charge $1 from our credit card then refund it into your account. If you do not mind please register from my referal link here or https://upcloud.com/signup/?promo=466K69 you will receive $25 to your UpCloud account.

UpCloud will give free trial just for 3 days only, also we just only can deploy small server for trial account (1GB memory 1 CPU and 25GB Storage). If you wan't to deploy higher server you need to add $10 to your account.

Ok, let's take a look i will try $20 server with 4GB memory 2CPU and 80GB Storage it's equal to my other server on Vultr. In your account dashboard click on Servers menu then click + Deploy Server button.

UpCloud Create Server

On location section i will choose Singapore location for my server, this is the location closest to where I live Indonesia.

UpCloud Select Location

Plan section i choose Simple Plans which is $20/month (4GB ram, 2CPU, and 80GB Storage)

UpCloud Plan

Next on Storage section you can rename your storage and choose storage type which can choose VirtIO (default), IDE, or SCSI. Also you can add new storage by clicking + Add New Device. But i will keep my storage default according to what plan i choose.

UpCloud Storage

In the Operating System section you will choose what OS (Operating System) that you will use, also you can add other OS images which is not yet available there. I prefer to choose CentOS 8  for my server.

UpCloud Operating System

Then in the Optionals section you can choose to enable ipv6 and in more setting you can choose other setup for your server like login method, timezone, network adapter, display adapter, etc. Adjust to your needs about your server and don't worry if you confuse about what network adapter and display adapter should you use, it can be change latter after installation.

UpCloud Optionals

In SSH Keys and initialization script section you can select SSH Key that you already added, or you can add new SSH Key there.

UpClous SSH Keys

Last section is for your server hostname and description.

UpCloud Hostname and Description

Then after all required fields has been filled don;t forget to check Summary on the right side.

UpCloud Summary

after making sure everything is appropriate then click Deploy button. You will redirect to server details and wait for notification that your server has successfully started and server password will show up on your notification and email.

UpCloud Notification

After that you can change everything that you need.

UpCloud Server Details

Next you can try login to server using ssh, login using root user.

putty access upcloud

If login success you can access your server via ssh.

putty success login upcloud

That's it, on the next article i will give you tutorial first time setup server on UpCloud.

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