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Generate SSH Key Using PuTTYgen (Putty Key Generator)

Generate SSH Key Using PuTTYgen (Putty Key Generator)

SSH key is like key that can open ssh connection besides the password. SSH key is more secure than only using password to access server or device. It's required if your device has important data. Because without that key you can't access your server or device.

In this article i want to show you how to generate ssh key using puTTYgen especially for windows operating system. 

You can download putty bunndle with puTTYgen from here, select only puTTYgen application or select putty with all utilities. Choose 32-bit/64-bit depends on your windows architecture.

Download Putty

After download finished open puTTYgen

Run Puttygen

After puttygen application opened choose type key to RSA then click on Generate button.


Move your mouse cursor inside tha blank area bellow loader status until finish.

PuTTYgen generate

Once finish, you can see your public generated key, then you can use that public key to setup on your device. On linux you need to add this public key to authorized_keys file on user ssh folder.

If you want to add pssword for your key add it on key passphrase field and don't forget to confirm your key passphrase. Then you can change your key comment with your user name or email address if you want it.

PuTTYgen generate

Save public key to be used again in the future or other device by click Save public key button.

save public key

Then save private key to use as ssh key to access your device by click Save private key button.

save private key

Thats it, you have 2 file (public and private) for ssh key access.

ssh ke file

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